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Falcon X3+ Accessories

Falcon X3+ Accessories

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Falcon X3+ Accessories


Holster, Falcon X3 and 4400 Series (Belt Sold Separately) 94ACC1387
Belt for Falcon Holster and Softcase 95ACC1161
Rubber Shell Falcon X3+ 94ACC0104
Softcase Heavey duty With shoulder strap for Falcon X3 94ACC0063
Standard Softcase with Quick Release Belt Clip for Falcon X3 (Belt Sold Separately)




Coverplate, Falcon X3/Falcon X3+ 94ACC0121
Handle with Mounting Screws, Falcon X3 94ACC1390
  Hand-strap, Falcon X3+ 94ACC0120
Lanyard to tether the Skorpio X3 or Falcon X3 to the wrist. Included with pistol grip models 94ACC0081
Limited Power Source protection for Falcon X3 Vehicle Dock. 12-24V, 1.5A. For vehicle power supplies not compliant IEC/UL 60950. 94ACC0073
Module, Ethernet Communication for Single Slot Dock 94ACC0079
Module, Modem Communication for Single Slot Dock. 94ACC1372
Screen Protector Kit, 3.5", 5 Pack 95ACC1033
Shoulder Strap (5 pcs) 94ACC1240
Stylus and Tether Pack for Falcon X3, 5 Pack 94ACC1392
VR12 Headsets. Requires Handylink audio cable 94A050037 95ACC0002


RAM Mount, 1.5in Arm, with 2.75in and 2.5in bases. Recommended RAM mount for Falcon X3 Powered Mobile Dock 95ACC3420
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This product has 7 downloads that may be of interest
Falcon X3+ ~ English A4
Pal Software ~ English A4
FalconX3+ Windows CE
FalconX3+ Windows Embedded Handheld
DFU Setup v4.8.19.0
Datalogic Configuration Utility Ver.
Pal ver. Pal-Communicator ver. 1.2.10322
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Coverplate For Falcon X3 / X3+
Part Number 94ACC0121
RRP: £13.00
Lanyard To Tether To Wrist
Part Number 94ACC0081-F
RRP: £17.00
Belt For Falcon Holster & Softcase
Part Number 95ACC1161
RRP: £20.00
Hand-strap For Falcon X3
Part Number 94ACC0120
RRP: £26.00
Rubber Case For Falcon X3
Part Number 94ACC0104
RRP: £32.00
Screen Protector Kit, 3.5, 5 Pack
Part Number 95ACC1033-F
RRP: £32.00
Falcon X3 And 4400 Series.
Part Number 94ACC1387
RRP: £38.00
Shoulder Strap. Pack Of 5
Part Number 94ACC1240-F
RRP: £38.00
Standard Softcase.
Part Number 94ACC0047
RRP: £47.00
Stylus And Tether Pack, 5 Pack
Part Number 94ACC1392
RRP: £51.00
Vehicle Dock Power Protection 12-24V 1.5A
Part Number 94ACC0073
RRP: £64.00
Ethernet Communication For Single Slot Dock
Part Number 94ACC0079-F
RRP: £81.00
Handle With Mounting Screws
Part Number 94ACC1390
RRP: £84.00
Softcase. Heavey Duty W/shoulder Strap
Part Number 94ACC0063
RRP: £106.00
1.5in Arm, With 2.75in And 2.5in Bases.
Part Number 95ACC3420
RRP: £115.00
Modem Communication For Single Slot Dock
Part Number 94ACC1372-F
RRP: £166.00
Requires Handylink Audio Cable 94A050037
Part Number 95ACC0002
RRP: £251.00
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