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Service Logic Limited fully supports your identification solutions from the initial conception through to the final installation and commissioning and the service doesn’t end here. We will support you beyond.


In all project phases we ensure that your project will be technically and commercially successful.

Pre-Sales phase

  • Consultation
  • Development of customer specific solutions
  • Project management

Service Logic can offer a solution for the most demanding identification application. Based on the initial consultation the best possible and bespoke solution is generated.

Installation phase

  • Commissioning
  • Site management
  • Acceptance test

Service Logic technicians install Barcode Scanners, RFID Readers, Vision Systems , Mounting frames, and Scanner networks all over the UK. The systems are professionally commissioned according to the customer’s specific requirements.

The handover of the identification solution to the customer is executed after an extensive test phase. During this phase the performance of the system is verified and documented.


Service Logic offers commissioning of all the products within our portfolio. Experienced Engineers configure and setup the systems for customer specific applications. Continuous training and the constant hands-on of the engineers, maintains a high skill level and Know-how. A detailed acceptance test is followed in order to optimum the equipment even under extreme conditions.

After-Sales phase

Service Logic offers during the lifetime of the system a set of services, which ensures the maximum efficiency and return on investment of your system. These services may be ordered separately or can be combined to comprehensive service contracts. Services like warranty extension, on site preventative maintenance, and customer training.

Service contracts

Service Logic offers a variety of services, which maybe combined to create a bespoke service contract. This provides the highest level of customer support and may include services like annual system calibration, Barcode checks, cyclic inspections, trouble shooting, training of customer employees, extended warranty, in house repairs and exchange units. Customers are welcome to choose and build up their individual package if desired.

WWS550i Bluetooth Scanner
from £29.00
PowerScan PM8500
from £458.50
DS4600 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
CBX 500 Optional Modules
from £57.00
QuickScan I QD2131
from £86.10
from £39.69
QuickScan I QD2100
from £86.10
Datalogic U-Series Camera
from £425.85
Matrix 410 - Visiset
from £2654.40
from £31.41
HC1 Mobile Computer
from £7.00
DS4600A Laser Scanner
from £600.00
DS4600 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Matrix 120
from £441.00
S300 PA MAXI Sensor
from £46.17
Datalogic S45 Minature Sensor
from £59.16
DataMan 750 Series
from £0.00
Opticon OPR-3201
from £96.00
Datalogic US18 Ultrasonic Sensor
from £81.18
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  • Datalogic Skorpio X3 Imager Pistol Grip
    from £928.00
  • Datalogic DS8K Accessories
    from £24.00
  • Gryphon I GD4400 2D
    from £197.40
  • QuickScan I QBT2131
    from £128.10
  • Datalogic SMall Subminature Sensor
    from £37.80
  • WWS450 Wireless 2D Healthcare Scanner
    from £7.00
  • T-Series Smart Camera
    from £2667.30
  • Heron
    from £94.50
  • WLS9600 Laser Scanner
    from £35.00
  • S3
    from £39.69
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