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SR31 Fork Sensor

SR31 Fork Sensor

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SR31 Fork Sensor

The SR31 series is composed of fork sensors with infrared LED emission, distinguished by an elevated 10kHz switching frequency and by a sturdy and compact metal housing.The detection sensitivity is adjusted by means of a trimmer. The dark/Iight operating mode is configured according to the connection.The series includes M8 connector versions with NPN output, or PNP output; cable versions present both NPN/PNP outputs.The SR31 sensors have e 30 mm wide and 42 mm deep fork These sensors are suitable for detecting opaque Iabels on a transparent support, to control material presence and continuity, to detect synchronism pulses on toothed or holed wheels, or as on-off edge guide.

Features & Benefits

  • Infrared LED emission
  • Sensitivity trimmer adjustment
  • Elevated switching frequency
  • Metal housing with wide fork


  • Labeling machines
  • Packaging and bottling lines
  • Assembling lines
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Label sensor dark/light input npn/pnp out cable
Part Number S970830000
RRP: £118.90
Label sensor dark/light input npn - M8
Part Number S970830101
RRP: £128.10
Label sensor dark/light input pnp - M8
Part Number S970830201
RRP: £128.10
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