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S85 Laser Distance Sensor

S85 Laser Distance Sensor

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S85 Laser Distance Sensor

The S85 series is Datalogic’s innovative line of LASER distance sensors based on Time of Flight technology.
The S85 series can perform high-precision and long distance measurement without the use of a prismatic reflector, as well as background and foreground suppression functions.
The Class 2 highly-focused LASER and the innovative integrated software make the S85 series ideal for applications that require extremely precise measurement, offering 7 mm of accuracy for distances up to 20 m, with 1 mm of resolution and 1 mm of repeatability.
The basic model (S85-MH-5-Y03-...) measures distances up to 10 m and can be simply set through user-friendly push-buttons. The basic model features an M12 5-pole standard connector with analog and digital outputs that provide distance and the object detection.
The advanced model (S85-MH-5-Y13-...) measures distances up to 20 m and is easily programmable through a keyboard and display. In addition to the analog and digital outputs, the S85 advanced model is equipped with an RS485 serial interface.
This series is designed in a sturdy metal housing, and can be easily mounted on industrial vehicles and machinery with its dedicated mounting bracket.

Features & Benefits

  • Time of Flight technology
  • Class 2, visible red LASER for an easy alignment with the target
  • Distance measurement ranging from 10m or 20m in the advanced model
  • 1 mm resolution, 7 mm accuracy, 1 mm repeatability
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V scalable analog output and 2 digital outputs
  • RS485 serial interface in the advanced model
  • Standard M12 connector
  • IP67 industrial metal housing


  • Automated warehousing
  • Processing and Packaging machinery
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Automotive
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Datalogic S85 Datasheet
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S85 Fixing Bracket
Part Number 95ACC7840
RRP: £16.40
Proximity 10m - 4-20 mA analogue - whith out display - M12 5p
Part Number 951511030
RRP: £369.00
Proximity 10m - 0-10V analogue - whith out display - M12 5p
Part Number 951511010
RRP: £369.00
Proximity 20m - RS485 - whith display - M12 8p
Part Number 951511040
RRP: £430.50
Proximity 20m - analogue/RS485 - whith display - M12 8p
Part Number 951511020
RRP: £451.00
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