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Service Logic offer a selection of Refurbished. For more information on our range of Refurbished please get in contact with us or browse the products from the Refurbished range below.

If you need any help finding Refurbished, please do not hestiate to contact us

from £3180+vat
Datalogic DX8200A
Mfr part code: DX8200A
from £1050+vat
Datalogic DS8100A
  • Model: DS8100A
  • Symbology: 1D
  • Automation: Laser Reader
  • Voltage: 20-30VDC
  • IP Rating: IP64
  • 2 Interface options
Mfr part code: DS8100A
from £725+vat
DS8100 Laser Scanner
  • Datalogic DS8100 High Performance Laser Scanner Datalogic patented technologies, innovations and top performance are the main features of the new DS8100 , the most powerful bar code reader on the market.The DS8100 scanner has been designed to offer the best performance and advanced solutions f...
Mfr part code: DS8100
from £600+vat
DS4600A Laser Scanner
  • Datalogic DS4600A-3100 (931061285)   Condition: Refurbished   General Description The new Datalogic DS4600A is an industrial fixed positioned bar code reader specifically designed for the needs of the manufacturing industry. As a result of the improved optic, the new DS4600A...
Mfr part code: DS4600A
from £500+vat
DS4600 Laser Scanner
  • DS4600 High Performance Laser Scanner Condition: Refurbished General Description The DS4600 is the ideal solution for medium range unattended bar code scanning. This industrial scanner is available in two reading range versions. The medium range model features a maximum reading distance of ...
Mfr part code: DS4600
from £500+vat
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
  • Datalogic DS410 High Performance Laser Scanner Condition: Reconditioned General Description The DS41 industrial scanner represents the ideal solution for bar code reading in applications which require high performance, small dimensions and reduced costs. Taking advantage of its considerable...
Mfr part code: DS41
from £275+vat
Datalogic Dragon Laser Reader
  • Datalogic Dragon D131 Laser Scanner The Datalogic Dragon scanner can accurately scan bar codes from distances of up to 10M making it ideal for applications including work-in-progress control, warehouse management, shipping and receiving. Ideal for use with fork lifts where the scanner can be conn...
Mfr part code: Dragon
from £270+vat
  • AP-7131-66048-WR The AP 7131 provides support for high-speed wireless voice and data services As a standalone access point, AP 7131 provides small and medium-sized businesses with a consolidated wired and wireless networking infrastructure, all in single device. The integrated router, gateway,...
Mfr part code: AP-7131-66048-WR
from £125+vat
Kyman-NET Single Cradle
  • Datalogic Kyman Cradle Single Slot Desk Mount Dock with Spare Battery Charging Slot. USB and RS232 port. Refurbished These device are all refurbished units and are supplied as standard with a three month warranty. Extended warranties available upon request....
Mfr part code: 94A151101
from £70+vat
Datalogic C-Box Junction box
  • Datalogic C-Box Connection box C-BOX 100 The C-BOX 100 is a connection box which can be used as an accessory to several Datalogic family scanners to facilitate the system connections. System cabling is made through spring clamp terminal blocks inside the C-BOX 100 while the scanner is connecte...
Mfr part code: C-BOX
from £55+vat
Px8300 Body Assembly
  • PowerScan Px8300 Handle Body Assembley for Datalogic PowerScan Laser scanner Genuine Datalogic Part....
Mfr part code: PowerScan 8300
from £35+vat
  • 890001775 Contact board for Datalogic BC-8030 Genuine Datalogic Part....
Mfr part code: BC8030
from £20+vat
  • AP-PSBIAS-1P3-AFR High Power Gigabit PoE Injector The Motorola Power Injector is a single port, 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet Hub combining low-voltage DC with Ethernet data in a single cable connecting to an AP. The Power Injectors single DC and Ethernet cable creates a modified Ether...
Mfr part code: AP-PSBIAS-1P3-AFR
Matrix 450
from £5040.00
Datalogic Memor X3 Imager
from £413.70
Datalogic Falcon X3+ Imager Pistol Grip
from £1145.00
from £101.15
Magellan 9400i
from £0.00
Datalogic TL? Contrast Sensor
from £170.64
RFID Portal Reader
from £1337.00
PowerScan PBT9500-DPM
from £654.50
Datalogic DS6300
from £1657.60
Ultrasonic Fork Sensor
from £328.00
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DL-Axist PDA
from £713.30
Matrix 120
from £441.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £438.75
from £35.00
NVS Accessories
from £20.00
Datalogic US18 Ultrasonic Sensor
from £81.18
from £856.80
Datalogic Elf with GPS
from £1068.00
Gryphon I GFE4400 2D
from £178.50