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SR23 series Slot Sensor

SR23 series Slot Sensor

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SR23 series Slot Sensor

The slot photoelectric sensors of the SR23 series, with 50x5 mm slot size, are designed for the detection of normal labels, as well as thick booklet and multi-layer ones, used increasingly in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The series distinguishes itself through its fast 40 µs response time and its switching frequency reaching 12kHz, and offers an easy static or dynamic procedure setting, via SET push-button or remote input. The emission is infrared LED with a narrow light beam, allowing resolutions up to 0,5 mm. All models, characterized by a compact metallic housing and by a M5 threaded hole, a Ø5x8 slotted hole, and the dovetail guide are universal mountable. 2 m cable or M8 4-pole connector versions are available, and with NPN or PNP outputs.

Features & Benefits

  • 50x5 mm slot size: normal labels, booklet and multi-layer labels
  • Teach-in or dynamics setting: easy and fast procedure, possible while the labels film is moving
  • 12 kHz switching frequency: high detection repeatability
  • Compact housing: suitable for application with reduced spaces
  • 0,5 mm minimum size label/gap: high detection reliability for a precise reading


  • Processing and Packaging machinery
  • Automatic labelers
  • Print and apply systems
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Label sensor infra red pnp ext teach 2mt cable
Part Number 953161000
RRP: £74.80
Label sensor infra red pnp ext teach - M8
Part Number 953161010
RRP: £74.80
Label sensor infra red npn ext teach 2mt cable
Part Number 953161020
RRP: £74.80
Label sensor infra red pnp ext teach - M8
Part Number 953161030
RRP: £74.80
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