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P-Series Smart Camera Cables

P-Series Smart Camera Cables

Available Features

P-Series Smart Camera Cables

I/O Cables  
93A050058 Cable, PWR & I/O, CAB-DS01-S, P-Series to CBX (DB25), 1m
93A050059 Cable, PWR & I/O, CAB-DS03-S, P-Series to CBX (DB25), 3m
93A050060 Cable, PWR & I/O, CAB-DS05-S, P-Series to CBX (DB25), 5m
93A051390 Cable, PWR & I/O, CAB-DS10-S, P-Series to CBX (DB25), 10m
Ethernet Cables  
93A051346 Cable, Ethernet, CAB-ETH-M01 M12-IP67 to RJ45, 1m
93A051347 Cable, Ethernet, CAB-ETH-M03 M12-IP67 to RJ45, 3m
93A051348 Cable, Ethernet, CAB-ETH-M05 M12-IP67 to RJ45, 5m
93A051391 Cable, Ethernet, CAB-ETH-M10 M12-IP67 to RJ45, 10m


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Cable, PWR & I/O, P-Series To CBX (DB25), 1m
Part Number 93A050058
RRP: £73.00
Cable, Ethernet, IP67 To RJ45, 1m
Part Number 93A051346
RRP: £73.00
Cable, PWR & I/O, P-Series To CBX (DB25), 3m
Part Number 93A050059
RRP: £84.00
Cable, Ethernet, IP67 To RJ45, 3m
Part Number 93A051347
RRP: £84.00
Cable, PWR & I/O, P-Series To CBX (DB25), 5m
Part Number 93A050060
RRP: £96.00
Cable, Ethernet, To RJ45, 5m
Part Number 93A051348
RRP: £96.00
Cable, PWR & I/O, P-Series To CBX (DB25), 10m
Part Number 93A051390
RRP: £134.00
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