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OEM Products

Service Logic offer a selection of OEM Products. For more information on our range of OEM Products please get in contact with us or browse the products from the OEM Products range below.

If you need any help finding OEM Products, please do not hestiate to contact us

from £178+vat
Gryphon I GFE4400 2D
Mfr part code: GFE4400 2D
Matrix 410 - Visiset
from £2654.40
SC5000 System Controller
from £1156.00
DS8100 Laser Scanner
from £725.00
Gryphon I GD4400 2D
from £197.40
HC1 Mobile Computer
from £7.00
Datalogic Falcon X3+ Laser Pistol Grip
from £1044.00
Datalogic Dragon Laser Reader
from £275.00
Datalogic DS8100A
from £2542.40
Magellan 2200VS
from £269.00
WLS9600 Laser Scanner
from £179.00
DS4600A Laser Scanner
from £600.00
DS4600 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DL-Axist PDA
from £713.30
Matrix 120
from £441.00
Datalogic DS1100 Laser Scanner
from £390.00
Wedge Emulation Utility
from £0.00
PowerScan PD7100
from £212.00
Datalogic DS8110 Laser Scanner
from £2632.00
Datalogic Falcon X3+ Laser Pistol Grip
from £1059.00