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WebSentinel PLUS

Datalogic WebSentinel Plus

WebSentinel Plus is a very advanced monitor and information collector. It offers key features, benefits, and insights to end-users and System Integrators specializing in Factory Automation and Transportation and Logistics.
WebSentinel Plus builds on the best features of the former WebSentinel (Datalogic brand) and FAST Monitor (Accu-Sort brand) products to provide real-time statistics, diagnostics, quick viewing of parcel activity, and amazing reporting capabilities.

Key features and benefits

  • Real-Time Performance at a glance from an outstanding front page that shows reading performance, package activity and device diagnostics in foreground
  • Complete control from enterprise to device through a quick drill-down from a high level view of the facilities performance down to a detailed view of any specific device
  • Enhanced data filter provides reading statistics based on time frame, bar code tracking, facility, and attributes like no-reads, multi read and package size
  • Image file browsing to check label compliance, no read root cause, and parcel conditions

Typical applications ares

  • Transportation and Logistics (Postal and couriers)
  • Distribution & Retail (Large distribution centers, Multimedia sorting)
  • Airport Baggage Handling
  • Automatic Warehousing Management
  • Tracking and Traceability for tire


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