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Service Logic is pleased to anounce our new website for 2014. With our full ecommerce website and repairs section ready to use by our customers.

Service Logic Limited was established in March 1999 with a focus on providing our clients with a complete solution with regard to their Industrial barcode scanning requirements.

As a result of our success, Service Logic Limited has been accredited as a Datalogic Quality Partner. This means that we are now able to provide you with the full range of Datalogic Automation products, giving us the ability to support an even wider range of applications. All backed up by our Datalogic  trained personnel.

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QuickScan I QD2100



Datalogic DX8200A
from £3180.80
Datalogic Falcon X3+ Laser Pistol Grip
from £1059.00
from £63.63
PowerScan PM9500
from £458.50
Skorpio X4 Mobile Computer
from £637.50
Quick Link Accessories
from £11.00
CBX500 Connection Box
from £105.40
Gryphon I GFE4400 2D
from £178.50
CBX 500 Optional Modules
from £57.00
Datalogic S65-Z Line Sensor
from £327.51
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DL-Axist PDA
from £713.30
Matrix 120
from £441.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £438.75
from £35.00
Datalogic Dragon Laser Reader
from £275.00
Magellan 9400i
from £0.00
Datalogic DS5100
from £1144.00
WWS550i Bluetooth Scanner
from £29.00
Gryphon I GBT4100
from £214.90
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a selection of some of our most recent arrivals
  • Datalogic Elf 2D Imager
    from £949.20
  • Joya Touch A6 - Healthcare
    from £695.80
  • Datalogic S65-V Colour Sensor
    from £371.79
  • Touch TD1100
    from £42.70
  • T-Series Smart Camera
    from £2667.30
  • Matrix 120
    from £441.00
  • Datalogic S45 Minature Sensor
    from £59.16
  • Datalogic DS8100A
    from £2542.40
    from £20.00
  • Gryphon I GM4100
    from £204.40