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Reinforcing their leadership in identification solutions, Datalogic is pleased to announce the latest models for the DS2100N & DS2400N short range laser family. The new models include onboard PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Ethernet TCP/IP communications in two or three rotating connector block configurations. With onboard communication and switch capabilities, the DS2100N and DS2400N provide the most powerful, flexible and cost effective solutions for:

  • Automatic warehousing
  • Automatic storage and retrieval systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Shop floor
  • Pick modules

Devices can now be networked in a chain topology, without the cost of additional switches or accessories. The rotating connector block provides the flexibility to install the DS2100N and DS2400N into tight spaces without modifying surrounding mechanical structures. Thoroughly integrated communication capabilities result in simple and easy to use products for both Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs. PROFINET models include a fast replacement function, resulting in a simple 2 step scanner replacement procedure that does not require a PC. EDS-AOP files are available for the EtherNet/IP models, providing simple, fast, and accurate communication setup

The new DS2100N and DS2400N models offer leading-edge capabilities:

  • Embedded switch & double PROFINET ports
  • Chain topology with no external switches
  • Optimized form factor with rotating connector block
  • PROFINET automatic replacement
  • Embedded EtherNet/IP with EDS-AOP
  • Improved reading on damaged codes
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