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Memor 10 Mobile Computer


Datalogic is pleased to announce the new Memor™ 10 mobile computer, one of the most advanced and competitive devices Datalogic has launched in recent years.

The Memor 10 PDA brings the power and performance of a smartphone with the user-friendly experience of Android™ in a slim and compact device with an integrated 2D imager, fully featured and Enterprise ready. It also incorporates Datalogic’s industry-first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging, paired (for the first time in the Mobile industry) with a 1-piece swappable battery for the best operational advantage.

Memor 10 features a 'state-of-the-art' octa-core platform running Android 8.1 (Oreo) with GMS; these exciting specs led to the endorsement by Google, who validated Memor 10 as one of the first mobile computers to join their ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ program for rugged devices!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-Ergonomic, compact and robust
  • 5 inch brilliant capacitive multi-touch HD display
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo) with Google Mobile Services (GMS)
  • Validated by Google as 'Android Enterprise Recommended' for rugged devices
  • Wireless charging eliminating contacts on both the device and docks
  • Ruggedised with drop resistance to 1.5 m / 5 ft to concrete and IP65 sealing
  • Dual band WiFi including 802.11ac standard and 802.11r/k for fast roaming
  • Full suite of cellular connectivity for voice and data
  • Assisted GPS for location-based apps
  • Bluetooth® v4.2 short range wireless technology
  • NFC for proximity communications
  • Advanced 2D ultra-slim imager with Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology
  • Datalogic’s SoftSpot™ technology for innovative triggering through the touch display
  • Chemical resistant plastics (Healthcare models)

Please contact Service Logic for further information.

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