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Datalogic is pleased to announce PackTrack for the Matrix 450™ and Matrix 410™ imager series, a powerful embedded tracking solution for multi-sided sorting arrays. This patent pending software enables the Matrix imagers to read multiple packages and barcodes in a single picture, properly assigning the correct barcode to the correct package.

For retail e-commerce logistics or postal/parcel sortation applications, the effective throughput volume can be increased by 50% versus other traditional 2D imager based solutions. Codes are captured multiple times during transit under the reading array resulting in excellent reading performance for damaged or plastic covered barcodes. Matrix 450™ and Matrix 410™ imagers can be combined in an infinite number of configurations, providing the flexibility to meet any application requirements.


  • High density sorting of cartons, flats, or containers where there are small gaps between objects
  • Excellent reading performance for damaged or plastic covered barcodes
  • Continuous operation and traceability in applications when objects on a conveyor stop and restart while inside of the reading area
  • Large intrinsic Depth of Field (DOF) and Field of View (FOV)


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