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Matrix with PackTrack

Increasing Production Throughput by 200%

The best-in-class Matrix 450 and Matrix 410 imagers are now offered with Packtrack firmware for managing demanding conveyor sortation applications, including those with high motion speed, unpredictable code position and very short gap between objects.


With Packtrack’s advanced functionality, the Matrix 450 and Matrix 410 can scan multiple objects at high speeds – eliminating the limitations of gap requirements. Packtrack automatically assigns the right code to the right objects, even when captured in the same image!

Packtrack, combined with the power of the Matrix 410 and Matrix 450, can solve challenges typical in a wide range of applications by:

  • Improving the read rate by increasing the number of valid image acquisitions
  • Improving ease of installation in dynamic applications, with no need to predict or limit the number of valid image acquisitions
  • No requirement for object height measurement for increased cost effectiveness.


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