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Mark and validate in one click

Datalogic Marvis

Datalogic is delighted to introduce the first integrated solution dedicated to laser mark and validate DPM codes. MARVIS™ is the one-stop solution tailored for the growing demand of robust and reliable DPM traceability.

The MARVIS solution is not just a software enhancement but a complete solution based on AREX, VLASE and UNIQ laser marking products and the full MATRIX family of readers, with a full set of accessories and configurations to approach virtually any kind of “Mark and Validate” process.

Key features and Benefits

The MARVIS solution supports a full range of MATRIX-N readers and a full range of LASER MARKERS:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Laser and Reader setup
  • GOOD/ BAD Digital Output for easy parts selection.
  • Simplified installation kit
  • Object-oriented property browser both for Laser and Reader parameters
  • Innovative Code Quality Training and Quality Grade Metric Profile (QGP) for code quality classification
  • Enhanced MATRIX family grading performance on codes marked with laser DPM
  • Unified run-time interface for layout selection, daily operations, marking/grading statistics and history
  • Supports IMMEDIATE MODE and DEFERRED MODE configurations 
  • Reader’s images storage and process LOG file

Typical Applications

The MARVIS solution is dedicated to the most demanding industries where reliable traceability is a must.


The Automotive industry is the environment of choice for MARVIS.  The need to ensure error-proof traceability throughout the entire supply chain is boosting the request to validate the quality of codes marked with DPM “inside” the marking process.



Traceability of medical devices is becoming more and more challenging due to the industry’s regulations and directive.  Laser marking is one of the preferred marking technologies to ensure counterfeit-proof traceability throughout the entire device life cycle.

The MARVIS solution allows manufacturers to reach zero-defect marking and to ensure 100% readability of the code, down to a batch of one. 



In many cases, laser marking is the final step of the process chain; at this late stage of manufacturing, product scraps caused by incomplete or incorrect markings is extremely costly. Because of its integrated approach, the MARVIS solution automatically detects irregular amount of scraps, and, thanks to the improved SEQUENCE EDITOR, applies corrective action included the ability to RE-MARK the component.

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