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Datalogic IMPACT 11.8

Datalogic announces IMPACT 11.8, a new software release that delivers lightning-fast integration of machine vision technology with robots and laser markers. Using innovative camera calibration modes, the 11.8 IMPACT software release speeds up robot and laser guidance application development in Automotive and Electronics industries.

IMPACT 11.8 also introduces IMPACT Software Development Kit (SDK) that guarantees full integration of machine vision monitoring capabilities into HMI software applications. IMPACT SDK is the ideal solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that need to create a single control point for the complete manufacturing line.

11.8 IMPACT release main features:

  • Fast camera calibration modes
  • Easy and improved integration with robots and laser markers
  • Better Pin Point inspection tool performance
  • IMPACT Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • High speed CMOS U Series camera support (from VGA to 5MP)
  • Extended 3rd party camera support

Typical applications:

  • Robot guidance
  • Laser guidance
  • Food and Pharma traceability
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