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New trigger handle for DL-Axist

DL-Axist now offers a scan trigger handle as a key accessory for this product line, enabling use in any kind of scan intensive scenario including back office and logistics applications. The scan trigger easily snaps on to the device with rubber boot, providing a comfortable means to scan all day while benefiting from the major DL-Axist differentiators: the brilliant 5” HD display, the superior WiFi performance through MIMO technology and the extreme ruggedization.

The main advantages of the DL-Axist trigger handle are:

  • User experience: the DL-Axist handle is comfortable and well balanced in the hand, and can be easily attached or detached from the main unit without any screws or complicated latching mechanism
  • Efficiency and reliability: the DL-Axist handle leverages no electronic parts, reducing failure points and without any additional power consumption
  • Interoperability: the DL-Axist handle can fit with all DL-Axist accessories, including the ability to be charged in the dock without need of removing.

Please contact Service Logic for further information

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