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Datalogic Memor K

Designed for any data capture application, from inventory to assisted sales, or back-end receiving to the warehouse, the Memor K mobile computer includes a powerful 2 GHz octa-core processor with 3 GB of memory.  It also delivers ruggedness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the user-friendly experience of Android.

The soft-touch, backlit keyboard allows users to quickly type in information such as quantity, description or location of any item scanned.

The Memor K provides powerful wireless connections: the performing Wi-Fi connection which includes AC standard allows users to access very fast download and upload connections; USB-C ensures exceptional data exchange and charging speeds; Bluetooth® 5 BLE guarantees excellent performance with BT devices, while NFC allows easy connecting with NFC devices.

Memor K can cover many applications and many shifts with its replaceable battery. If a user runs out of power, they can simply take a new battery from the cradle and quickly replace it for another 12 hours of work. 

Additionally, an 8 MP rear camera also helps to capture images and documents, proof of repairs, damaged products/packages, proof of maintenance and asset condition.

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