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Datalogic Matrix 220

The New Matrix 220 from Datalogic

Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of the new Matrix 220™, the most compact image-based bar code reader available to provide top performance with the greatest flexibility. This imager is the ideal imager for Electronics, Automotive, Packaging and Document Handling applications.

The Matrix 220 imager is designed for superior performance because of a new multi-core imager processing platform, a new industrial grade electronic focus technology and innovative lighting solutions. The integrated ultra-flexible illumination system makes the Matrix 220 imager perfect for reading bar codes marked with Direct Part Marking (DPM).

The electronic focus control allows easy installation and remote job change during assembly line reconfiguration with extreme reading flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior Performance: 1.2 MP high resolution image sensor and new multi-core imager processing platform, excellent for high speed applications and strong DPM reading performance. Hardware Acceleration speeds up algorithms and improves decoding capabilities. Two powerful, high-efficiency and smart illuminator models (white Bright Field and red All-In-One DPM) will solve a large variety of applications with the best performance.
  • Highest Flexibility: With two optical models (38° and 24° horizontal viewing angles), both with electronic focus control for many different reading requirements. New All-In-One DPM illuminator: lighting is software configurable between standard, polarized and diffused resulting in optimal illumination on any type of surface.
  • Connectivity: Cost-effective communication options with the ID-NET™ multi-reader clustering/networking, the Power over Ethernet (POE), the on-board PROFINET/IO and ETHERNET/IP industrial Fieldbus helps to eliminate the need of external communication boxes or converters, reducing the complexity and cost of the solution.
  • New Accessories: ESD and YAG protection are available as front cover accessories to enhance the product flexibility, reducing the number of models and simplifying the stock management.
  • Industrial Strength: The IP67 and IP65 industrial grade rating and the operating temperature range from -10° to 50° C / 14° to 122 °F guarantees the best quality and robustness in Manufacturing Industry applications with harsh environments.
  • Ease of Setup, Use and Installation: Best ease of use through the green and red spot lights, the aiming system, the X-Press™ button, the intuitive HMI and the new DL.CODE™ configuration software release which has been improved with the Automatic Setup mode for quick and easy code reading. Ease of integration and installation because of the compact dimensions and rotating connectors.


Matrix 220 DATASHEET

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