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FBC9080 Fieldbus Converter

A compact-size industrial gateway to integrate all Datalogic hand held scanners into industrial control systems.

The fieldbus converter FBC9080 is an easy way to add industrial fieldbus connectivity to all PowerScan 9xxx as wellas any other device equipped with standard RS-232 interface. Its IP65 protection level and circular M12 connectors make it ideal for demanding industrial Ethernet applications, while the dual port switch eliminates the need for expensive external switches.

The FBC9080-N100 integrates scanners into PLC System with PROFINET/IO support, while FBC9080-N200 connects devices to any PLC with EtherNet/IP IO support. Both models are also provided with a standard Ethernet TCP/IP data socket port that allows bi-directional point-to-point communication with the scanner. FBC9080-NX00 are easily configurable with Datalogic’s Aladdin™ software tool.

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