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Datalogic is proud to extend its fiber laser solutions through brand new Arex 50, new entry in the Arex Family of Laser markers, now available in 10,20, 30 and 50 W power sizes.

This laser source is aimed to further expand Datalogic’s portfolio to provide our customers with the most comprehensive technology supply in the market to satisfy every kind of marking requirement.

The new Arex 50 maintains exactly the same mechanical dimensions and footprint as well as the same electrical and functional configuration of all other Arex models, enhancing performance in terms of speed and productivity over a wide range of materials and process


High power laser source with excellent beam quality & zero leakage: engraving & deep engraving applications in automotive and general manufacturing industries

Faster marking time and throughput (Up to 3X compared to Arex 20), maintaining high marking quality: ideal for high throughput production lines and 24/7 demanding processes

Suitable for a wide range of materials: Arex 50 provides excellent performance in terms of contrast and speed even on Thermoplastic polymer (i.e. PS, ABS PET and PBT) surfaces which usually show inconsistent marking performances

Solid clear black marking and annealing without swelling or cracks, at a high productivity rate: high contrast on metal surfaces



AREX control unit, based on the Embedded Marker Controller (EMC) platform, is equipped with the latest release of Lighter Software Suite 6.21 in order to ensure high performance and additional coding feature.


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