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AREX 400

AREX 400

Datalogic is happy to introduce the new AREX 400 family of laser markers based on fiber technology for industrial applications. Because of its exceptionally small and robust scanner head machined from solid aluminum, the AREX 400 laser markers are unbeatable in tight space installations where a small footprint is mandatory, and reliability is a must.

The AREX 400 laser markers now incorporate Datalogic’s ‘Green Spot’ technology, the award-winning programmable visual indicator for immediate good read feedback directly on the scanning area.

The totally new embedded controller is now offering improved computing performances, built-in SLO (Safety Laser Off), a cost effective native communication protocols (TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, and Profinet), and quiet operations down to 65 dB.

The AREX 400 family is the preferred solution for any application requiring reliable Direct Part Marking (DPM) in manufacturing industries, from automotive to precision mechanics and from industrial electronics to healthcare manufacturing.


  • Ultra-compact Scan Head
  • IP64 Environmental Protection
  • Lens Protective Cup
  • Datalogic's 'Green Spot'
  • Built-in Safe Laser Off (SLO)


TRACEABILITY: Direct Part Marking of products

PERSONALIZATION AND BRANDING: Direct Part Marking of company brands, logos, artwork, quality marks, etc.


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