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MobileTerminal Batteries

MobileTerminal Batteries

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Datalogic Batteries

Model Part Number Capacity
Lynx Standard Capacity 94ACC0064 1800 mAh
Lynx High Capacity 94ACC0065 3600 mAh
Elf Standard Capacity 94ACC0112 2820 mAh
Elf High Capacity 94ACC0082 5000 mAh
Elf Health Care Standard Capacity 94ACC0100 3000 mAh
Elf Health Care High Capacity 94ACC0101 5000 mAh
Memor X3 Standard Capacity 94ACC0083  
Memor X3 High Capacity 94ACC0084  
Skorpio X3 Standard Capacity 94ACC0048 3000 mAh
Skorpio X3 High Capacity 94ACC0046 5200 mAh
Falcon X3+ Standard Capacity    
Falcon X3+ High Capacity 94ACC1386 5200 mAh


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Standard Capacity
Part Number 94ACC0083
RRP: £38.00
Standard Capacity 3000 MAh
Part Number 94ACC0048
RRP: £52.00
High Capacity
Part Number 94ACC0084
RRP: £75.00
High Capacity 5200 MAh
Part Number 94ACC1386
RRP: £93.00
High Capacity 5200 MAh
Part Number 94ACC0046
RRP: £93.00
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