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Mobile Terminals

Service Logic offer a selection of Mobile Terminals. For more information on our range of Mobile Terminals please get in contact with us or browse the products from the Mobile Terminals range below.

If you need any help finding Mobile Terminals, please do not hestiate to contact us

from £3736+vat
Vehicle Mount Computer
Mfr part code: Rhino II
from £775+vat
Joya Touch A6
Mfr part code: Joya Touch A6
from £775+vat
Joya Touch A6 - Healthcare
Mfr part code: Joya Touch A6 Healthcare
from £659+vat
Joya Touch
Mfr part code: Joya Touch
from £560+vat
Datalogic Memor X3 Imager
  • Model: Memor X3
  • Operating System: Windows CE
  • Keyboard: 25-Key Numeric
  • 2 Scan Engine options
  • Grip Style: Handheld
  • Display: QVGA
Mfr part code: MEMOR-I
from £458+vat
Datalogic Memor X3 Batch
  • Model: Memor X3
  • Operating System: Windows CE
  • Keyboard: 25-Key Numeric
  • 2 Scan Engine options
  • Grip Style: Handheld
  • Display: QVGA
Mfr part code: MEMOR-BATCH
from £372+vat
  • Opticon OPH-1005 Batch Terminal The OPH-1005, an easy to use handheld computer, is designed and rugged enough for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, healthcare or warehousing and distribution centers. The device offers a fast processor, great memory and bright color displa...
Mfr part code: OPH-1005
from £279+vat
  • Opticon OPH-3001 Batch Terminal The OPH-3001 is a new handheld terminal with an integrated barcode laser scanner. The terminal is equipped with a clear and easily readable graphic TFT LCD color display which enables the user to use the terminal in combination with advanced application programs. ...
Mfr part code: OPH-3001
from £28+vat
Datalogic MEMOR 10 rugged PDA
  • Memor 10 Datalogic Memor™ 10 rugged Android™ PDA Memor™ 10 is Datalogic’s first device in a new family of rugged Android™ PDA devices, offering a slim and compact design while embedding the latest 2D barcode imaging technology for high performance scanning. The Me...
Mfr part code: Memor 10
from £17+vat
Datalogic Memor 20
  • Memor 20 Designed for enterprises with the greatest mobile challenges, the Memor 20 is a full-touch device that delivers ruggedness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the user-friendly experience of Android™. The Memor 20 is the largest PDA full touch displays in the...
Mfr part code: Memor 20
Gryphon I GBT4400 2D
from £325.00
Quick Link QL200
from £20.00
Quick Link Accessories
from £12.00
Datalogic Memor 20
from £17.50
Kyman-NET Single Cradle
from £125.00
QuickScan I Lite QW2100
from £75.00
Datalogic US50 Ultrasonic Sensor
from £2.79
from £279.20
from £96.00
Datalogic DS8110 Laser Scanner
from £2873.50
from £270.00
Wedge Emulation Utility
from £0.00
Datalogic C-Box Junction box
from £100.00
Matrix 120
from £734.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £465.00
from £41.49
from £119.20
CBX800 Industrial Gateway
from £255.85
PowerScan PBT9501-DPM
from £810.56
from £39.69