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Quick Link QLM700

Quick Link QLM700

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Quick Link QLM700 (ProfiNET)

The QLM700 Profinet IO Gateway is an active connection module which can be used in Standalone or ID-NET™ Master Multidata, or Master Synchronized layouts. It provides a fast and efficient way to cable both an Profinet IO network and an ID-NET™ network using standard cables.
It provides separate M12 connectors for Power Supply, Profinet Communication, ID-NET™ Network, External Trigger, Digital I/O and Aux RS232 Communication for configuration of the
reading device. The QLM700 Gateway provides an easy way to connect many Datalogic reading devices to any PLC with Profinet IO support. It allows Profinet IO real-time communication with bus topologies, and due to its two Profinet ports, it eliminates the need for expensive external
Host communication is provided through the integrated Profinet IO circuitry which connects
internally to the reader's Main serial interface (RS232).
ID-NET™ network and power supply signals are provided to the next connected device (IDNET™ Slave), by means of a dedicated M12 connector. However there is not a second ID-NET™ network connector for bus propagation and therefore the QLM700 cannot be used as an ID-NET™ Slave.

QLM700 has integrated on-board backup memory and therefore supports Backup and Restore procedures for the connected device and relative ID-NET™ network (if used).

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