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Quick Link QL300

Quick Link QL300

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  • Model: Quick Link

Datalogic Quick Link QL300

The QL series ID-NET™ connectors provide a fast and efficient way to cable an ID-NET™ network using standard cables. The QL300/500s are typically Master ID-NET™ connectors designed to be used with the QL100/150/200s ID-NET™ Slave connectors.

The QL300 is a passive connection module which can be used in Standalone or ID-NET™ Master Multidata, Slave Multidata or Master Synchronized layouts. It provides separate ports for Power Supply, External Trigger, Digital I/O and Communication. Host communication is provided through connectivity to the reader Main serial interface (RS232/485) or Aux RS232 serial interface.
ID-NET™ network and power supply signals are sent out to the next connected device by means of a dedicated port, however input power is not received from the network. Therefore each QL300 must be powered separately.

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