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Quick Link QL200

Quick Link QL200

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  • Model: Quick Link

Datalogic Quick Link QL200

Quick Link series is a complete list of accessories for connectivity dedicated to 1D and 2D code readers.  The aim of Quick Link accessories is to offer an easy, fast, modular and cost-effective solution for the applications in which "plug-in connection" is preferable.

The QL Series ID-NET Connectors provide a fast and efficient way to cable and ID-NET network with IP65 protection and using standard cables.

The QL200 is an ID-NET™ network "T" passing network signals to the connected reader, however it does not receive input power from the network. An additional connector allows external power to supply the reader. This power is then sent out with the network signals to the next device in the network. In this way larger networks can be created which otherwise would not be possible due to the overall current limit and/or voltage drop.

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