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QuickScan Lite 2D

QuickScan Lite 2D

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QuickScan I Lite QW2400

The QuickScan Lite QW2400 2D area imager is an entry level scanner specifically designed for reading long and truncated 1D codes and larger 2D codes from close distance.  The QW2400 imager has an extra-wide Field of View (FOV) which captures these challenging 1D and 2D codes at a nominal distance using different scan angles, meeting the scanning needs in Retail, Light Manufacturing, Document/Bill Processing and Banking/Finance.  The QuickScan Lite 2D imager is the most affordable area imager with the best performance in its class. 

The QW2400 area imager offers snappy reading performance on most commonly used 1D and 2D codes, whether printed or displayed on a mobile device.  The white illumination combined with the blue aiming dot provides users with a visible and clear aiming system without irritating the user’s eyes. 

The QW2400 area imager is available in two interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge/RS-232.  Customers can purchase the scanner only or separate certified kits which include a cable and stand.

  • Wide scan angle and Field of View
  • Excellent performance reading mobile devices
  • U~SB certified kits available
  • Over-molded rubber for extra protection
  • Patented 'Green Spot' technology for good read feedback
  • Ergonomic, compact and robust
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USB Interface
Part Number QW2420-BK
RRP: £173.00
KBW / RS232 Interfce
Part Number QW2470-BK
RRP: £176.00
KBW Interface, straight cable
Part Number QW2470-BKK3
RRP: £186.00
USB Interface, coiled cable (90A052065)
Part Number QW2420-BKK1
RRP: £191.00
USB Interface, coiled cable (90A052100)
Part Number QW2420-BKK11
RRP: £192.00
KBW Interface, straight cable and stand
Part Number QW2470-BKK3S
RRP: £196.00
USB Interface, coiled cable (90A052065) and stand
Part Number QW2420-BKK1S
RRP: £201.00
USB Interface, coiled cable (90A052043) and stand
Part Number QW2420-BKK11S
RRP: £202.00
RS232 Interface, straight cable and stand
Part Number QW2470-BKK2S
RRP: £213.00
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