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Datalogic US50 Ultrasonic Sensor

Datalogic US50 Ultrasonic Sensor

Available Features

Datalogic US50 Ultrasonic Sensor

Datalogic Automation US50 is the new series of ultrasonic sensors with M50 plastic tubular housing. All models are provided with a radial emitting head and offer the following versions:

  • Digital bipolar PNP/NPN NO/NC configurable output;
  • Analogue 0-10V / 4-20mA configurable output.

Operating distance from 200mm to 8m makes US50 ideal solution for all industrial applications where the target must be detected or measured really far away from the sensor.

Features & Benefits

  • Features ultrasonic dead-zone of only 2.5% of the total range: 75% less than comparable products
  • Available in analog or discrete dc models: maximum flexibility
  • Features a completely sealed, shock-resistant housing : ideal for monitoring levels of liquids as well as solids
  • Narrow sensing beam: capability to detect targets at long range within confined areas—such as a storage tank—without interference from the tank walls
  • Compensates for temperature:  greatest sensing accuracy
  • Push-button and remote TEACH-mode programming: simple setup.


  • Ceramics
  • Beverage & Bottling
  • Transportation lines
  • Packaging lines
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US50 stainless stell bracket
Part Number 95ACC7830
RRP: £3.10
US50 assy bracket
Part Number 95ACC7820
RRP: £15.40
Ultrasonic radial 8000mm - PNP/NPN - M13
Part Number 95B040120
RRP: £402.80
Ultrasonic radial 8000mm - analogue output - M12
Part Number 95B040130
RRP: £435.60
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