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Datalogic U-Series Camera

Datalogic U-Series Camera

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Datalogic U-Series Camera

The U-Camera Series offers excellent performance packed into an incredibly compact housing (29x29x47mm). Ranging from VGA up to 5 MPix imager resolutions, the U-Cameras are available in both grayscale or color models providing the maximum application flexibility. The U-Camera Series supports the new USB 3.0 Vision communication protocol delivering ultra-high image transfer speeds to tackle even the most challenging machine vision applications.

Features & Benefits

  • USB3.0 compatible for MX-U Series processors
  • VGA to 5MP resolution, gray scale and color
  • Extreme compact dimensions (29x29x47mm)
  • Asynchronous triggering
  • Incredibly high frame rates
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USB3.0, 659x494, 90fps, Grayscale, 1/3 CCD
Part Number 959933001
RRP: £588.00
USB3.0, 658x492, 90fps, Color, 1/3 CCD
Part Number 959933002
RRP: £625.00
USB3.0, 1296x966, 30fps, Grayscale, 1/3 CCD
Part Number 959933005
RRP: £652.00
USB3.0, 1294x964, 30fps, Color, 1/3 CCD
Part Number 959933006
RRP: £689.00
USB3.0, 2592x1944, 14fps, Monochrom, 1/2.5 CMOS
Part Number 959933009
RRP: £760.00
USB3.0, 2590x1942, 14fps, Color, 1/2.5 CMOS
Part Number 959933010
RRP: £920.00
USB3.0, 1628x1236, 20fps, Grayscale, 1/1.8 CCD
Part Number 959933007
RRP: £1,126.00
USB3.0, 1624x1234, 20fps, Color, 1/1.8 CCD
Part Number 959933008
RRP: £1,163.00
USB3.0, 2048x1088, 165fps, Grayscale, 2/3 CMOS
Part Number 959933011
RRP: £1,620.00
USB3.0, 2048x1088, 165fps, Color, 2/3 CMOS
Part Number 959933012
RRP: £1,650.00
USB3.0, 2048x2048, 90fps, Grayscale, 1 CMOS
Part Number 959933013
RRP: £2,362.00
USB3.0, 2048x2048, 90fps, Color, 1 CMOS
Part Number 959933014
RRP: £2,392.00
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