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Datalogic SL5 Tubular Sensor

Datalogic SL5 Tubular Sensor

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Datalogic SL5 Tubular Sensor

The tubular SL5 photoelectric sensors offer through beam, proximity and retroreflex polarized optic functions with red laser emission, 2m cable or M12 4-pole connection in plastic housing, guaranteeing high detection repeatability.

Features & Benefits

  • Laser emission: high detection repeatability for a precise reading
  • Visible emission: easy and fast installation
  • Trimmer adjustment: application adaptability


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Ceramics working machines
  • Automatic warehouses
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Receiver pnp light - M12
Part Number 952501020
RRP: £53.30
Receiver pnp dark - M12
Part Number 952501050
RRP: £53.30
Emitter pnp light - M12
Part Number 952501030
RRP: £95.30
Reflex polarized pnp light - M12
Part Number 952501010
RRP: £119.90
Reflex polarized pnp dark - M12
Part Number 952501080
RRP: £119.90
Proximity pnp light - M12
Part Number 952501090
RRP: £119.90
Proximity pnp dark - M12
Part Number 952501000
RRP: £119.90
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