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Datalogic LD46 Luminescence Sensor

Datalogic LD46 Luminescence Sensor

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Datalogic LD46 Luminescence Sensor

The LD46 luminescence sensors emit ultraviolet light and detect only visible light converted and reflected from fluorescent objects or marks, independent from the background color and surface. The LD46 sensors can reach a 100mm operating distance and a 2kHz switching frequency, thanks to the UV high-power emission using 6 LEDs. The high power and definition of the LD46 sensor light spot enable the detection of critical targets with a very poor or non-homogeneous or discontinued luminescent level, as for example on raw wood, corrugated carton, fabric, ceramic tiles.

Features & Benefits

  • UV power emission: high detection reliability
  • Teach-in push-button and bar graph indicator: fast and easy setting
  • 2 KHz switching frequency: precise and repeatability reading
  • Rotatable M12 5-pole connector: adaptability to the mechanical part of the plant


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Packaging lines
  • Wood working machines
  • Glass working machines
  • Ceramics working machines
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Luminescence mark reader 10-20mm. pnp/npn analog out - M12
Part Number 955201000
RRP: £598.60
Luminescence mark reader 20-40mm. pnp/npn analog out m14
Part Number 955201010
RRP: £609.90
Luminescence mark reader 30-50mm. pnp/npn analog out m13
Part Number 955201020
RRP: £621.20
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