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Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner

Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner

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Datalogic DS410 High Performance Laser Scanner

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General Description

The DS41 industrial scanner represents the ideal solution for bar code reading in applications which require high performance, small dimensions and reduced costs. Taking advantage of its considerable experience and technological know how, Datalogic, leader in the fixed scanners for industrial applications sector, has managed to fulfil these requirements.

The DS41is characterised by its high scanning speed, real time decoding and advanced electronics, that offer an increased depth of field and a wide range of innovative functions aimed at resolving specific application problems. The DS41also guarantees high reliability under the most adverse industrial conditions, and is easy to install. 

The scanner is available in high resolution versions which allow reading of the highest resolution codes, while maintaining the same features of speed and reliability. The DS41is also available in linear optic versions as well as with 2 raster reading versions at different aperture angles. Thanks to these characteristics, the DS41 offers considerable advantages in many application sectors, including: machines for the packaging and pharmaceutical industries, automatic document handling, analysis machines, palletisation systems and code verifiers.

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Standard resolution, 25pin connector
Part Number 910101010
RRP: £1,514.00
Very high resolution, 25pin connector
Part Number 910101020
RRP: £1,514.00
Very high resolution, JBOX version
Part Number 910101030
RRP: £1,514.00
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