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Datalogic C-Box Junction box

Datalogic C-Box Junction box

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Datalogic C-Box Connection box

C-BOX 100

The C-BOX 100 is a connection box which can be used as an accessory to several Datalogic family scanners to facilitate the system connections. System cabling is made through spring clamp terminal blocks inside the C-BOX 100 while the scanner is connected to the C-BOX 100 through a 25-pin connector placed on the left side of the housing. A 9-pin connector placed inside the C-BOX 100 facilitates connection between an external PC and the auxiliary serial interface of the scanner for configuration or data monitoring.


C-BOX 150

The C-BOX 150 is a connection box which can be used as an accessory to several Datalogic family scanners. Its main feature is to make the substitution of a Datalogic scanner in an installation plain and easy. To achieve this goal the C-BOX 150 provides the GET command to pass the connected scanner’s configuration to the C-BOX 150 non volatile memory. The SEND command allows a previously saved configuration to be transferred from the C-BOX 150 to the scanner.


C-BOX 200

The C-BOX 200 is a connection box that can be used as an accessory of the Datalogic scanners to perform the following functions:

  • Perform conversion from RS232 to RS485 Multidrop system
  • Optocoupled RS485 interface is used over long distance
  • Get and store scanner configuration
  • Send the configuration to the scanner

These units are now discontinued and have been replaced by the CBX range.

Units available are reconditioned and  supplied with a 3 month warranty.

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Passive Connection Box
Part Number 93acc1510
Connection Box With Backup
Part Number C-BOX150
Active Connection Box
Part Number 93acc1520
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