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CBX800 Industrial Gateway

CBX800 Industrial Gateway

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CBX800 Industrial Gateway

The CBX800 connectivity device is an industrial gateway allowing the connection of devices equipped with a standard RS232 communication interface to the most common fieldbus systems, by means of a complete range of optional modules and to ID-NET™ high speed communication network.

Features & Benefits

  • Serial to Fieldbus / Eternet TCP/IP/ID-NET™ industral gateway
  • Open architecture allows interfacing to Ethernet TCP/IP, profibus, DeviceNet Ethernet/IP and other common networks
  • Visible led indicators and power on/off switch
  • Multilanguage Genius™ configuration tool
  • Flexible mounting and simplified wiring to speed up intallation


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

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CBX800 Instalation Manual.pdf
CBX800 Installation Manual
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Industrial Gateway
Part Number 93A301077
RRP: £276.00
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