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from £372+vat
  • Opticon OPH-1005 Batch Terminal The OPH-1005, an easy to use handheld computer, is designed and rugged enough for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, healthcare or warehousing and distribution centers. The device offers a fast processor, great memory and bright color displa...
Mfr part code: OPH-1005
from £324+vat
  • Opticon F-31 2D CMOS Imager The F-31 is a stationary scanner with a CMOS auto-focus imager, providing an accurate scan of both 1D and 2D codes. The optics feature self-adaption of the lens to focus on varying distances.  The F-31 is designed for aggressive reading of barcodes from varying...
Mfr part code: Opticon F-31 2D CMOS Imager
from £279+vat
  • Opticon OPH-3001 Batch Terminal The OPH-3001 is a new handheld terminal with an integrated barcode laser scanner. The terminal is equipped with a clear and easily readable graphic TFT LCD color display which enables the user to use the terminal in combination with advanced application programs. ...
Mfr part code: OPH-3001
from £264+vat
  • OPN-3002i 2D Bluetooth Data Collector The OPN-3002i is a small 2D Bluetooth data collector, with a fast integrated 2D CMOS scanner and fully rechargeable. In occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables (cabled) data transfer to any USB device. The OPN3002i is espe...
Mfr part code: OPN-3002i
from £264+vat
  • OPN-3002n 2D Bluetooth Data Collector The OPN-3002n is a small 2D Bluetooth data collector. With a fast integrated 2D CMOS scanner and fully rechargeable. In occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables (cabled) data transfer to any USB device. The OPN-3002n i...
Mfr part code: OPN-3002n
from £250+vat
  • Opticon PX-20 2D Data Collector The PX20 is the smallest programmable 2D Bluetooth data collector. With a fast integrated 2D CMOS scanner and when fully charged, offering operating times of up to 35 hours. In occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables (cabled) data ...
Mfr part code: Opticon PX-20 2D Data Collector
from £184+vat
  • Opticon NLV-3101 2D Fixed Reader The NLV-3101 is the latest in our range of 2D CMOS fixed position scanners.  The NLV-3101 has been developed to be used in the most demanding applications requiring a device capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes including Retail POS, Self service Kiosks ...
Mfr part code: NLV-3101
from £179+vat
  • Opticon OPN-2006 Pocket Scanner The OPN-2006, part of the OPN-2000 series is a Bluetooth companion scanner. Remarkable features of this device are its outstanding specifications which include the use of Bluetooth 3.0, a high-performance 1D scan engine and low power consumption during operation. ...
Mfr part code: Opticon OPN-2006 Pocket Scanner
from £175+vat
  • Opticon M-10 Omni-Directional 2D Imager The M-10 is an omni-directional 2D CMOS imager which provides an aggressive reading performance to scan all common linear (1D) barcodes, 2D codes and mobile phone codes. The built-in adjustable stand makes the scan angle easily adaptable to the working envi...
Mfr part code: Opticon M-10 Omni-Directional 2D Imager
from £170+vat
  • OPC-3301i Compact CCD Scanner The OPC-3301i is a compact handheld CCD scanner using Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. This wireless device is equipped with an aggressive scan engine providing quick and easy scanning. In order to increase productiv...
Mfr part code: Opticon OPC-3301i CCD Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
from £161+vat
  • Opticon NLV-1001 Fixed Laser Scanner The NLV-1001 is designed to be an easily integrated fixed position scanner. This compact yet rugged scanner is ideal for applications that require a high performance, aggressive laser scanner with the ability to fit into small places. This reliable fixed po...
Mfr part code: NLV-1001
from £119+vat
  • Opticon OPR-2001 Laser Scanner This sleek barcode reader features a compact and stylish yet lightweight design. The OPR-2001's uniquely ergonomic design and comfortable housing not only makes it a natural fit to your hand, but also gives it a comfortable feel. The OPR-2001 features a speed...
Mfr part code: Opticon OPR-2001 Laser Scanner
from £115+vat
  • Opticon OPN-2001 The OPN-2001, part of the OPN-2000 series is a pocket memory scanner, enabling convenient barcode data collection. This device enables storage and removal of barcode scans. The collected barcodes can be transmitted by a USB cable. This small and lightweight device is equipped ...
Mfr part code: Opticon OPN-2001
from £101+vat
  • Opticon CRD-1006 Cradle The Opticon CRD-1006 is a charging and communication cradle for the OPH-1005. The cradle is equipped with two slots in order to charge both the terminal and a spare battery. Equipped with an IrDA interface allowing data transfer when the scanner is inserted for charging...
Mfr part code: Opticon CRD-1006 Cradle
from £96+vat
  • Opticon OPR-3201 Laser Scanner This 1D barcode laser scanner with pistol grip enables reliable scanning. The OPR-3201 weighs only 80 grams, which is extremely light for a gun type scanner. This solid scanner withstands drops up to 1.5 meter onto concrete. The scanning parts of the OPR-3201 are...
Mfr part code: Opticon OPR-3201 Laser Scanner
from £36+vat
  • Opticon C-37 CCD Scanner The C-37 is a durable CCD scanner with a wide optical window. With its aggressive scan engine the C-37 operates at a speed of 200 scans per second. Available in black and white, this sleek scanner fits on every desk. This lightweight and ergonomically shaped device fit...
Mfr part code: C-37
from £24+vat
OPH Accessories
  • Opticon OPH-1005 / 3001 Accessories OPH-1005 Rechargeable Battery OPH-3001 Rechargeable Battery ...
Mfr part code: OPH-ACC
from £13+vat
Opticon Power Supply
  • Opticon Power Supply 6V/2A Suitable power supply for the following opticon devices. OPR-2001 RS232 OPR-3001 RS232 OPR-3201 RS232 C-37 RS232 OPI-3201 RS232 OPI-2201 RS232 OPI-2201 WEDGE OPL-6845R RS232 F-70-I RS232 F-70-L RS232 CRD-1006  ...
Mfr part code: OPTCON PSU
from £10+vat
Data Collector Accessories
  • Opticon Data Collector Accessories 13402 OPN-200x     Black Silicon cover 76221 OPN-200x     Leather Case 76185 OPN-200x     DOCKING CRADLE 76209 CMT-6    &nb...
Mfr part code: OPN-ACC
Datalogic SMall Subminature Sensor
from £37.80
OPH Accessories
from £24.65
Quick Link QLM500
from £350.00
Wedge Emulation Utility
from £0.00
Datalogic BC9xxx Base Station
from £16.25
CBX100 Connection Box
from £74.00
Datalogic DS8K Accessories
from £27.00
Datalogic MEMOR 10 rugged PDA
from £28.00
Quick Link QL100
from £31.00
Data Collector Accessories
from £10.95
from £270.00
Wedge Emulation Utility
from £0.00
Datalogic C-Box Junction box
from £100.00
Matrix 120
from £734.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £465.00
QuickScan I QBT2131
from £142.80
Datalogic S50 Tubular Sensor
from £21.24
Datalogic S15 Tubular Sensor
from £18.45
CBX 500 Optional Modules
from £63.00
from £264.00