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from £500+vat
  • Motorola RFS-6010-1000-WR Wireless LAN (WLAN) switching and voice communications platform The RFS6000 Enterprise WLAN Switch from Motorola enables the wireless enterprise by offering an integrated WLAN communication platform that delivers secure and resilient voice, video and data applications...
Mfr part code: RFS-6010-1000-WR
from £270+vat
  • AP-7131-66048-WR The AP 7131 provides support for high-speed wireless voice and data services As a standalone access point, AP 7131 provides small and medium-sized businesses with a consolidated wired and wireless networking infrastructure, all in single device. The integrated router, gateway,...
Mfr part code: AP-7131-66048-WR
from £20+vat
  • AP-PSBIAS-1P3-AFR High Power Gigabit PoE Injector The Motorola Power Injector is a single port, 802.3af compliant Power over Ethernet Hub combining low-voltage DC with Ethernet data in a single cable connecting to an AP. The Power Injectors single DC and Ethernet cable creates a modified Ether...
Mfr part code: AP-PSBIAS-1P3-AFR
Datalogic Heron HD3430
from £179.90
Matrix 410N Internal Lighting
from £153.00
Datalogic S65-Z Line Sensor
from £327.51
Gryphon I GFE4400 2D
from £178.50
WDI4600 2D Barcode Scanner
from £35.00
WWS100i Pocket Barcode Scanner
from £7.00
PowerScan PD9530-DPM Evo
from £565.60
RFID Logger
from £291.00
Gryphon I GD4100
from £105.70
Matrix 410 - Visiset
from £2654.40
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DL-Axist PDA
from £713.30
Matrix 120
from £441.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £438.75
from £35.00
PowerScan PM9500
from £458.50
DataVS2 Vision Sensor
from £623.00
Datalogic Gryphon GD4500
from £239.70
DS4600A Laser Scanner
from £600.00
from £63.63