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from £3141+vat
Vehicle Mount Computer
Mfr part code: Rhino II
from £695+vat
Joya Touch A6
Mfr part code: Joya Touch A6
from £695+vat
Joya Touch A6 - Healthcare
Mfr part code: Joya Touch A6 Healthcare
from £592+vat
Joya Touch
Mfr part code: Joya Touch
from £35+vat
M3301 Mount
  • Magella M3301 Standard Mount...
Mfr part code: 11-0027
from £34+vat
USB to RS232 Converter cables
  • USB to RS232 Converter cable The USB_RS232 cables are a family of USB to RS232 levels serial UART converter cables incorporating FTDI’s FT232RQ USB to serial UART interface IC device which handles all the USB signalling and protocols.  The cables provide a fast, simple way to connect d...
Mfr part code: USB-RS232
from £28+vat
Premium USB-Serial Converter
  • RS232 to USB Adapter Cable The US232R is a premium USB to RS232 converter. The electronics, including the FT232RQ chip are housed in an attractive glossy white enclosure with blue, side-lit LED TX and RX traffic indicators. A matching white  USB cable uses gold plated USB and DB9 conne...
Mfr part code: US232R
Datalogic Falcon X3+ Imager Handheld
from £1099.00
from £39.69
Matrix 450 - Accessories
from £20.00
CBX 500 Optional Modules
from £57.00
Datalogic US18 Ultrasonic Sensor
from £81.18
Gryphon I GD4100
from £105.70
Datalogic S80 Distance Sensor
from £595.98
from £161.88
Cobalto CO5300 Omnidirectional Presentation Scanner
from £148.40
DS6K Accessories
from £29.00
Datalogic DS41 Laser Scanner
from £500.00
Datalogic DL-Axist PDA
from £713.30
Matrix 120
from £441.00
PowerScan PM9100
from £438.75
from £35.00
S8 Series Compact Sensor
from £36.90
Datalogic DS6300
from £1657.60
Datalogic S81 Distance Sensor
from £335.79
Datalogic S80 Distance Sensor
from £595.98
Gryphon L GD4300
from £121.80