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Opticon NLV-3101 2D Fixed Reader

The NLV-3101 is the latest in our range of 2D CMOS fixed position scanners.  The NLV-3101 has been developed to be used in the most demanding applications requiring a device capable of reading both 1D and 2D barcodes including Retail POS, Self service Kiosks and Medical/Pharmaceutical Analysis machines.

Offered with the choice of USB HID/VCP or Serial interface, the NLV-3101 is flexible enough to suit most OEM/ODM applications requiring a high specification 2D CMOS camera based barcode scanner.

The NLV-3101 is in use within such diverse applications as fast food restaurant E-coupon redemption, car park ticket machines and a high speed medical analysis machine.

Measuring just  41.1 x 33 x 24 mm, the NLV-3101 is an excellent performing scanner in one of the smallest housings available on the market.

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Opticon NLV-3101 Datasheet
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NLV-3101 - RS232 Interface
Part Number 13091
RRP: £249.00
NLV-3101 - USB Interface (VCP / HID)
Part Number 13092
RRP: £249.00
NLV-3101 - USB COM Interface
Part Number 13094
RRP: £249.00
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