T-Series Smart Camera
T-Series Smart Camera
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Family: T-Series Smart Camera
Ref: T-Series


The new T4x-Series smart camera provides customers with outstanding performance in an industrialized and compact package. Equipped with a powerful 1.1 GHz processor, the T4x-Series performance is exceptional in value and functionality. The T-Series comes in 3 different camera resolutions, VGA, 2 Mega-Pixel and 5 Mega-Pixel all in a sealed, industrially hardened enclosure for maximum protection. Combined with Impact software, the new generation T-series delivers the most rugged and versatile smart camera solution in the market today.

Features & Benefits

  • High performance Smart Camera series
  • Right-angle IP67 rated enclosure
  • Up to 5Mpix grey-scale imager
  • Built-in digital I/Os and Serial interface
  • Gbit Ethernet Port

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Model T40
640 X 480, 60 FPS, 1/3? CCD
Reference: 959965001
RRP: £3,138.00
Now: £2,667.30
Model T47
1600 X 1200, 15 FPS, 1/1.8? CCD
Reference: 959965002
RRP: £4,851.00
Now: £4,123.35
Model T49
2448 X 2048, 15 FPS, 2/3? CCD
Reference: 959965003
RRP: £6,279.00
Now: £5,337.15

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