Magellan 9300i
Magellan 9300iMagellan 9300iMagellan 9300iMagellan 9300i
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Magellan 9300i

The Magellan™ 9300i scanner and scanner/scale: a new class of high performance bar code scanners. With digital imagers in all planes, the 9300i scanners read both 1D and 2D bar codes seamlessly without requiring item orientation by the cashier.

With a more traditional bonnet height and large horizontal and vertical windows, the Magellan 9300i allows optimum positioning for POS or self-checkout touchscreens, payment terminals and printers while maintaining ergonomic comfort for both seated and standing cashiers.

The optional Magellan Customer Service Scanner (CSS) enables retailers to easily engage their customers in mobile commerce programs, allowing them to scan bar codes from their mobile phone screen or paper coupons while the cashier continues to scan regular items in parallel, resulting in a significant reduction in total transaction time.

Innovative features and options such as ScaleSentry™ shrink monitoring/prevention technology, AllWeighs™ platters and the support of all major EAS systems make 9300i purpose-built to help retailers reduce shrink at the POS.


  • Full digital scanning with 2D code reading in every plane and image capture capabilities
  • Available with a dedicated Magellan Customer Service Scanner (CSS) with flexible mounting for reading cell 
         phones, coupons and loyalty cards
  • Magellan 9300i bi-optic form factor is compatible with traditional checkstands and scanning techniques
  • Exclusively available with Datalogic Clear™ Glass featuring a lifetime warranty to the original user
  • Available with factory installed scales in pre-verified and on-site certifiable versions and models for integration 
         with local scale manufacturer solutions
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring 
         maximum productivity and ROI

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